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Needle Book & Strawberry Pin Cushion

I know this isn't knitting, but it's indirectly related because in alot of knitting projects, handsewing is needed. My sewing skills are almost nonexistant (in college I couldn't even sew on buttons). So I've taken on the task to teach myself (the next step would be to learn how to use a sewing machine, but that's for later).

Anyways, this is a little needle book I handsewed out of scraps of felt. It looks a bit shoddy, but I'm still quite proud of myself.

The outside cover of my needle book (the tulip and petals were glued on).

Some needles and pins safely stored inside.

My strawberry pin cushion! (I stuffed it with cotton balls, so it's a little lumpy.)
P.S. These projects are from Klutz.

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