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Here are some of my past projects. I gave away the first projects to my younger sister last year, so I don't have pictures of those. These were mostly from me needing to practice certain stitches and different things. They're pretty simple projects. The color is a bit dull because they are taken from my Palm (it's a Zire 70)...

A couple scarves - a simple garter stitch. I was playing with the texture of different yarns.

I used a 2x2 rib for this scarf. The colors are actually darker than the picture looks (it's a deep purple), and it's fuzzy and warm.

A fun warm hat to go with it! (The pattern I had also asked for a hat topper, but I usually hate frilly things coming out of my scarves and hats, so I omitted that part.)

My first cell phone cozy. I thought the button was cute.

My second coin purse. I didn't check the gauge (too lazy) so it ended up a little bigger than anticipated.

Matching cell cozy and coin purse.

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