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Boye NeedleMaster

I finally got myself a set! It was $70 at my local Michaels store, but with a 40% off coupon, I purchased the set for $45. I read alot of reviews, and the only complaint with this set was that the needles screw off from the cables every once in awhile - which is scary because who wants to drop stitches!! But I think if you screw it on tightly enough (and the set gives you little tools to make it extra tight), there shouldn't be a problem. Plus, it has more needle sizes than the Denise set (prettier colors too), and it's not plastic (I'm an aluminum kinda gal). So far I've used it for my latest bag (see below) as straight needles, and haven't had a problem yet. It's smooth and slippery.

The Boye NeedleMaster from the outside (it's a dark brown zippered cover.)

The Boye set on the inside.

I'm using my #10.5 needles to make my latest bag (This is the Rowan Arctic Bag - a picture of the final result is to the right of my needles). My Yarn Market Rowan order came in and here's what I've done so far (30 rows of seed stitch).

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