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My First Bag!

I'm finally done with my first knitted bag (pattern from Joann's)! It's a bit small, but I'm so proud of it because I even got to use my new sewing skills too! So here's a pictorial of how the process went:

I first knitted both sides of the bag, and two little flaps on top for the handles (to sew on later).

I stitched the bottom and sides of the bag together. This is what it looks like from the top. I also felted it a bit (because the material isn't 100% wool, it didn't felt completely).

I handsewed the handles on (with doubled up red thread). I got the lining from the scraps at JoAnn's. Here, I've already measured and sewed the lining together, and I've just pinned it onto the bag (the bag is flipped inside out) so I can sew the lining onto the bag. I used invisible thread, which is nice because you can't see my seams, but it was a pain in the butt because it was so hard to see the actual thread while I was doing it. It's a bit shoddy, but who cares! I did it! =)

Finished product!

Another view of the finished bag from the top (so you can see the lining).

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