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Rowan Blossom Anytime Purse

This one took (seemingly) forever to finish! But I actually started it last week and finished it Wednesday night (I spent at least an hour everyday on it, and then all day Wednesday sewing up everything together). I'm pooped, but satisfied with the results!

I knitted up the flat sides first.

Here's the handle.

Embellishments! Two green leaves (one large, one small), two petals, and one flower center (I didn't weave in the ends as you can tell).

I attached attached the sides together via mattress stitch, added on the handle, and found a cute fabric for the lining (the bag is inside out in this picture).

I found magnet buttons at my local Michael's (I like them better than the snap on kinds) and put them. Here's a top view.

A close-up on the flower attached to the purse.

The end result! The bag is a small cute one - measuring 6 inches tall and 9.5 inches wide (without the handle).

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