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SnB's Marsupial Tote

I finished SnB's Marsupial Tote last week! I finally had a chance to felt it over the weekend. Here are the pics! (Some of them are a bit darker because I took them at night - sorry)

Here's the base. At first I went according to the pattern but it didn't look very long to me, so I increased it by adding a handful more of rows.

I've picked up sts along the sides.

Changing colors! Instead of knitting 10 inches, I stopped at 8 to change colors and start doing the handles. In the picture, the bag is turned inside out (that's how I knitted it the whole way).

Here's the bag fully knitted, before felting.

Here is the bag after felting, laid flat on the ground. I felted it for only 10 minutes in my washer. It was so hairy! I bought a lint shaver and it helped a little, but its still kinda hairy (but not as much as before).

Another picture of the felted result. I really like it!

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