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FO: Branching Out

I finally finished Branching Out earlier this week! I've been too lazy to block it, but hopefully I'll get around to doing that next week. It's intended to be a gift for a friend of mine who is currently in South Africa for missions. She's due to come back this summer (their seasons are flip-flopped from ours - their summers are like winters and vice versa). Even though the lace scarf doesn't look like it's enough to keep you from the cold, it's surprisingly warm (the yarn is 65% wool). I figured this is something to encourage her and send her a bit of love as she wraps up her ministries there and prepares to come back home.

I've resumed my Shimmer project. I've done once sleeve and I'm almost finished with the second. I'm a bit nervous about this project - it's my first "clothing" project and it's at "piquant" level. From what I hear, people had problems with the lace/lozenge pattern in the back, and the raglan decreases as you knit up to the neck area. I'm not there yet, but I figured I'd tackle it as I get there (I love a challenge!). It sounds like the problem is just keeping track of the repeating pattern as you make your decreases, so to make things easier, I might have to write out the patterns as I go. We'll see how things go as I get there. =P

Yarn Purchases:
I ordered Rowan's Kidsilk from The Knitting Garden a month ago, and I just recently received a second email about their backordered shipment delays. The yarn is for a purse project that I don't mind waiting on, but this purchasing experience is making me think twice about making future purchases with them. This also goes for WEBS, who also messed up my order, and I had to email them to find out why my yarn is taking so long to ship. Long story short, they were sold out but didn't contact me about it, and so I ended up cancelling the entire order. *sigh*

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