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Shimmer Snag

I'm at the part (near the end) where I'm doing the raglan decreases in the middle of the lace/lozenge pattern. I'm halfway up when I realize that I've been decreasing incorrectly - rather than decreasing 6 stitches each row, I've been doing only 4 stitches. =O

If it was only a couple rows of mistakes, I actually have the patience to tink back, stitch by stitch. But this mistake starts almost 40 rows back... ACK!! So I'm obviously considering frogging up to the point where I made the mistake, pick up the stitches again, and resume knitting the pattern correctly.

My dilemna is that my only experience in frogging is when I'm frogging projects completely. I'm scared of frogging midway and picking back up my stitches (in fear of losing them, twisting them, etc.). I thought about threading in a lifeline at the point where I want to stop frogging... or even sticking my needle at the point where I want to stop frogging, but I don't know how to do it with this lace/lozenge pattern (if it was an easy stockinette, sure why not). I REALLY don't want to frog all that hard work and everything and start all over again. This is so discouraging!! =( =( =(

So I'm going to take a breather from Shimmer (not think about it for the next week or so) while I contemplate what to do. I've thought about knitting up a small swatch so I can practice picking up sts and frogging them carefully and correctly.

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