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FO: Baby Bonnet and Sweater Set

I'm finished! Ta-da! This will be a gift for a couple who is expecting their first child, and I hope my humble gift will be ok for them. (You can click on the individual pictures and get a close-up on them.)
Note to self: stop knitting purple items - branch out to other colors!!

Another look:

A close-up on the edging and decorative YO's:

Pattern: "Baby Bonnet and Sweater," from Jean Leinhauser's Learn to Knit in Just One Day, pp. 22-25.
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Orchid, 1 skein.
Needle: US #5 straights and circs (24")
Gauge: 11 sts/2 inches
Size: 6 months

Additional Notes:

My skills suck, but hopefully it won't irritate the baby too much. This was knitted in flat pieces, and then the pieces seamed together. It took FOREVER to weave in all the ends, and doing the edging (edging was from picking up sts and knitting from them all along all the edges, and then folded over halfway and sewn on). If it weren't for the edging/weaving in ends, I was done with this project within a week or so.

Decorative touches
I actually did NOT attach the decorative white ribbon on the garment. I just stuck it on there to see what it would look like (that's how the pattern tells you to finish it, along with pictures of the finished product). Although the pattern tells you to attach the ribbons as such, I thought it would be terribly impractical for any child to have such long ribbons floating around to grab, eat, choke on, etc. And the ribbons are purely there for decorative purposes, not to tie the garment on or fasten it together or any practical purpose. So after I took these pictures (above), I took the ribbons off.

Knitting this up wasn't bad at all. It was a simple pattern and went pretty fast! And the end result is oh-so-cute! I think I'll do more baby stuff in the near future... I have so many friends who are pregnant with their first babies!

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