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Progress: Lacy Kerchief Scarf

This past weekend I've started on IK's Lacy Kerchief Scarf (Summer '05 issue, pg. 53). It starts off with an invisible provisional cast-on, which I frustratingly attempted to do almost 5 times. I ended up doing it with one of my Boye Needlemaster cords, rather than with waste yarn, and later slipped it onto a stitch holder. I'm also using KnitPick's Andean Silk yarn (it's SO soft!!). So far it's been going pretty good:

DH and I are about to go on vacation (road trip!) and I may bring along this scarf as a travel project. Our road trip will take us to Portland (I was born in Corvallis so we'll stop by there too), Seattle, and then Vancouver. I may also bring some reading with me too - not only do I need to catch up on some of my beloved reading, but I'm also starting to notice that I'm needing more than small breaks here and there from my knitting - my tendinitis is starting to flare up again on my right forearm (back in grad school, my tendinitis was so bad I had shooting pain on both forearms and couldn't sleep at night because of it... I'm pretty sure I rested it enough and it got better before it turned into some serious permanent carpel tunnel damage). I'm also experiencing some discomfort on my right shoulder, enough to make me consider switching my knitting style from English to Continental. (But since I'm midway in my project already, I didn't want to throw off my gauge so I'll stick with my style for now.)

Anyways, despite my stupid arm problems, hopefully when I come back, I'll be able to show more of my scarf progress. =P

So until then... ciao!

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