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Finishing Issues

By early next week I absolutely NEED to transform a couple of these WIPs into FOs. These babies' due dates are creeping up on me way too fast, and we're having dinner with one set of parents-to-be sometime next week (ack!). So here's what I'm seaming up this weekend:

I have a love/hate relationship with the mattress stitch. I'm too lazy to block the thing (so I'm working with curling knits) and it can be awfully frustrating in the beginning to find the right places to stitch. I need more than just marking pins for seaming (I have the clover kind), what I really could use is those marking safety pins. In anycase, the "love" part of this after alot of grunting and swearing under my breath, I look back at my work and it looks surprisingly wonderful. Completely invisible and everything's in line, ready to block!

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