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Mohair Madness

Ok, so from my knitting goals, I said I would get started on lace. I figured I can start on Mother's Day gifts early! So I've started on the Lacy Lattice Stole and this is what it looks like so far:

One thing I was not prepared for, was just how tricky mohair can be!! This is my first time with mohair, and it's like knitting with really thin (but hairy) thread! Even floss would be thicker! And I didn't anticipate the hairyness of mohair to be so clingy to everything. I don't mind the thin aspect of mohair, but the clingy hairy part was a bit frustrating. I've only gone through 4 rows of the chart and I realize as a mohair newbie, I need to work on this very carefully. If I mess up, frogging back would be a nightmare (everything is already stuck to each other). A lifeline would permanently be attached (I would have to cut through all the fuzzy hair to get that lifeline out). Anyone have any suggestions on working with mohair? So far I'm just working very carefully so nothing gets stuck and I don't make any dumb mistakes (what is it like to frog back with mohair?)

On another note, in a previous post I mentioned I was starting to teach knitting at a local high school. I had my second session yesterday. It's fun, but I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing (details on this forum thread). I've recruited a friend to help out, who recently has taken up knitting as well (yay!!). Any suggestions on this new endeavor are welcomed as well! =)

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