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My One-Year Knitting Birthday

Exactly this day last year, I picked up a pair of wooden needles, a book, and started teaching myself to knit. My dad originally taught me when I was in elementary school, but I only knew knit stitches (I couldn't cast-on, off, or purl). I quickly lost interest and was distracted by learning cross-stitching and other crafts. Fast forward years later, and look at me now! I've been knitting for a full year (only blogging about it for 7 months so far), an armful of FO's, new skills, and I've already got an on-going gig to teach others to knit (a weekly group of high school kids, you can ask me about that later). I'm pleased with my progress thus far.

I've discovered that I'm a process-knitter (as opposed to a results-knitter), and I alot of my projects are gifts. The only ones that I actually keep are ones that I'm too ashamed to give away (filled with mistakes or they are just plain ugly and unpresentable), or they are way too pretty to give away (mine mine mine!!) =) I'm not comfortable being paid for my new craft-hobby (yes, I've been approached before) but I'm more than happy to put lots of love and care into a personally crafted gift for a friend or loved one.

I am obsessed with handbags, and I've discovered a new love for lace. I have not ventured to socks yet - reason being I am personally not a sock person (I hardly EVER wear socks) but this fall I'll give it a hand and see what all the sock-fuss is all about. =)

I'm careful about starting up a stash - I know this is very strange for a knitter, but I actually don't have much of a stash. The little that I do have, are leftovers from previous projects, and a few skeins of cheap acrylics and acrylic/wool blends (for purposes of teaching others). I only purchase yarn by the project, hopefully going from one project at a time. Let's hope I keep that up, for budget reasons! =)

I'm sure my knitting-identity/preferences will change overtime, but for now, this is the 1 year-old knitter that I am! =)

Future knitting goals for the coming year:
- bead knitting
- this fall: try out sock knitting
- this winter: try out color knitting (intartia, fair isle)
- this spring: lace!!

Specific future projects (tentative):
- SnB's Peppermint Twist Sweater
- Fiddlesticks Lacy Lattice Shawl
- Lion Brand Basic Socks
- Lion Brand Flower Bag
- finishing those WIPs that I've been neglecting? (we'll see about that) =P

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