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Yarn Harlot

A really quickie post here. Anyone ever read through this book?

I was hanging out with hubby at our local Borders the other day, and picked it up. It is hilarious. I haven't finished it yet (it was a good break from my knitting - my pink Samantha baby sweater dress is on the right side of the book) but hopefully soon. A really good and fun read.

Here are some other fun reads as well:

But I definately recommend Yarn Harlot's most recent book. She's a terrific writer.

On another note, I am still jetlagged - not from Asia anymore (thank goodness) but I'm currently operating on Hawaii-time. Everything is 3 hours later for me. Ack! Tommorrow I'm going to force myself to get up at a decent hour in the morning - by going to a couple LYS (what a great motivation). Probably Babetta's and Frog Pond. Just to browse... of course. =)

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