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FO: Ruffles Scarf

Modeled by my friend Mary (thanks Mary!) - it was a little too bright, but you can make out the scarf and all the curly ruffles, right? =)

Pattern: "Ruffles," From Scarf Style
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran (#101 - cream/off-white), 3 balls
Needle: US #8 straights

Additional Notes:

The pattern was a bit confusing at first (the only time I've ever done short rows was a couple weeks ago when I did the heel and gusset of my first sock). Once I figured it out, it was pretty easy and it went really fast. I actually knit this up in a week, but have been postponing posting it because it's for a friend. In anycase, the only thing I was wondering about was how to discretely hide the short rows. If you look closely, you can see them. Any tips on making them look more subtle?

All I can say is, wow!!! It was so incredibly soft and wonderful to knit with!! I have heard that it pills quite a bit with repeated washing, so it's (sadly) probably not good for a sweater project or the like. But a fun soft and warm scarf - perfect!

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