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FO: Squatty Sidekick (by Avant Knits)

So I finally finished this! I felted it last weekend (thank you to those who gently reminded me to get going on it.. hehe)

So I bought this pattern from Knitique (an LYS in Elk Grove) after seeing their displayed sample in the store. It was so cute! So here's my version of it:


Felted with finishing touches (one button):

Me carrying the bag (fits snugly as a small shoulder handbag huh?)

A close-up of the button:

Pattern: "Squatty Sidekick," by Avant Knits
Yarn: Cascade 220, in Violet, 1 skein (100% Peruvian Highland Wool)
Needle: US #10.5 (29") circular
Accessories: Several stitch holders, waste yarn, one button

Additional Notes:

LOVED the pattern. Really quick and easy. Caitlyn had advised me of some pattern suggestions (there is one minor error) but of course, I didn't listen and later had to frog back and conclude that what she originally advised was correct. Pretty much while knitting the bottom of the bag, instead of stopping at 60 rows as instructed, do one extra row. Next, (with RS facing you) pick up stitches all around (you will be going in a counter-clockwise direction) to begin knitting up the sides. Do NOT place marker from where you first started picking up stitches; instead, place your marker after your last picked up stitch. That will be the beginning of your round. You'll be at the correct place when you need to do your increases and decreases of this bag.
P.S. If you've purchased this pattern and are still confused, message me and I'll help you out. =)

In anycase, I felted it for exactly 7 minutes in hot wash, high agitation in my washer. I could have actually felted it a bit longer (I'd say 10 minutes or so total) but I was scared I'd over-shrink my bag (which has happened before). So I took it out when I felt it was a good size.

There is absolutely nothing bad to say about Cascade 220. An excellent yarn! Great to knit with (it was a great alternative from my mohair project) and felts wonderfully. It comes in a pretty large selection of colors too. And even better, it doesn't shed the way Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride would. I've already got a second ball of this to make a second purse. =)

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