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Hooked in Arizona

Ok, so true to my word, I have been teaching myself to crochet. The truth is, I wanted to teach myself almost a year ago, but never had time (too many knitting WIPs taking up my time!). Plus, with the holidays coming up, a million and one baby showers on the way, and other things, I can barely keep up with my own WIPs, much less finish on time all the handmade gifts. Too many things to do, not enough time.

Anyways, my hunny and I went to Arizona this past weekend (additional pictures and details here). I took advantage of the time away from home by packing up my crochet stuff and occupying myself on the flight:

My first crocheted swatch!! I practiced each type of stitch for two rows each. (Can you identify which rows are which?) I used several of Candi Jensen's books - I really like her diagrams and clear instructions. It made it easy to read and figure out. I'd say that so far it seems really easy! (Right now I'm working on doing circles - a bit more confusing though)

And of course, how could I not pass up the opportunity to visit a yarn store while I'm in Tucson?? I went to Purls (the east location, since it was closest to my hotel). The ladies there were so nice!

Of course, I dragged my hubby along with me, and the store had nice couches and a sitting area - perfect for nonknitters while I shop. He amused himself by taking pictures of me while I was browsing around:

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