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100 Things About Me

1. I was born in Corvallis, Oregon.
2. I spent most of my life in California.
3. I prefer Northern California over Southern (sorry!).
4. I used to live in Orange County.
5. I am the oldest among my siblings.
6. My sister and I are 10 years apart.
7. My brother and I are 16 months apart.
8. I am Chinese-American.
9. I can understand spoken converational Mandarin, but I can barely speak it.
10. When I was younger, I wanted to be a teacher, a missionary, and a registered nurse (in that order).
11. I went to UC Davis for undergrad.
12. I went to Sac State for my MSW (Masters in Social Work).
13. My Myers-Briggs profile is INFJ.
14. I love eating out and trying out different types of food.
15. I love to cook and try out new recipes.
16. My KitchenAid stand mixer is one of my favorite appliances.
17. I prefer tea over coffee.
18. I learned to cook several years ago by watching Rachael Ray on Food Network (who says TV is good for nothing?!?).
19. My dad taught me how to knit when I was still in grade school.
20. I re-taught myself (knitting) again in 2004.
21. I've set foot in the following countries: Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong (when it was still under Britain rule), Macau (when it was still under Portugal rule), China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Nepal.
22. I didn't include Japan in the list because I've never actually stepped out of the airport.
23. I've set foot in the following states: Oregon, California, Washington, Nevada, Arizona (scarce, isn't it).
24. I love to knit.
25. I love to eat.
26. I hate cleaning house.
27. I'm a housewife/homemaker.
28. I think I'm more American than Chinese.
29. I think my family of origin is more Chinese than American.
30. My parents and I are currently not on "friendly" terms.
31. My husband was my very first (and only) boyfriend.
32. I love being married to my husband.
33. I am obsessed with handbags.
34. I refuse to eat peas, beans, bitter melon, and durian.
35. I will pick out peas from fried rice. One. by. One.
36. I absolutely abhor dancing (I'm not a kinesthetic person of any kind).
37. I'm a people person.
38. I'm a closeted Sanrio/Hello Kitty fan.
39. I've been stalked before.
40. I am a born-again Christian.
41. I hate all religious stereotypes imposed on me.
42. I refuse to participate in any "pro-marriage"/"anti-gay" movement.
43. I also refuse to participate in any "pro-life" movement as well.
44. Pat Robertson embarrasses me.
45. I love potato chips.
46. I hate crying in public.
47. I cry easily when watching the news or Oprah (when I'm by myself, of course).
48. Philip Yancey is one of my favorite (and most respected) Christian authors.
49. Rick Warren is a close second.
50. I love dark chocolate.
51. I hate horror movies, or anything with too much suspense.
52. I'm very sensitive to what I watch (so I self-censor what I see).
53. My husband is my best friend.
54. I prefer Jay Leno over David Letterman.
55. I love ska music.
56. I am teaching myself how to crochet.
57. I am also teaching myself how to sew with my sewing machine.
58. I love Doraemon cartoons.
59. I also love Ranma 1/2 anime.
60. I still sleep/play with stuffed animals.
61. Clancy the bear (from Pottery Barn Kids) is my favorite stuffed animal.
62. I have many good/close friends.
63. Yet I still consider myself a very private person (see #13 above).
64. I love to sing, but think I have a very average chorus voice.
65. I'm a 2nd alto.
66. I used to write poetry in high school.
67. I also wrote a short story piece in high school.
68. Growing up, I was a bookworm - I absolutely LOVED to read.
69. I'm a terrible gardener (I have a black thumb).
70. My faith is very important to me.
71. My husband thinks I am fiesty.
72. I have a temper, if you push me too far.
73. I can also be a pushover at times.
74. World events deeply affect me (see #47).
75. Missions has had a presence in my heart since I was in high school.
76. I try to live my life deliberately and purposefully.
77. I believe everything in my life has a purpose.
78. I love having people over my house (I love hosting).
79. My biggest petpeeve: People who treat me like I'm a child or like I'm stupid.
80. My primary love language is "acts of service".
81. I am comfortable having just as many male friends as female friends.
82. I hate it when people look down on me because of my age (see #79).
83. I can be very stubborn sometimes.
84. I love spicy food!!
85. Moving out of my parents house (after college) was one of the hardest things I've ever done.
86. I love ramen noodles.
87. People say that I wear alot of expressions on my face.
88. That's why I can't play poker very well (it's easy to read everything on my face).
89. I also make alot of noises/motions when I can't articulate my thoughts into words.
90. I'm a little nervous about having children.
91. In college, I tried to learn how to make the perfect cheesecake.
92. I keep my distance from people who don't respect my boundaries.
93. I also keep my distance from people I don't trust.
94. On my wedding day, my brother walked me down the aisle.
95. I've been blogging since May 2002.
96. I've been forced to take piano lessons for 10 years.
97. I've been forced to take Chinese School for almost 10 years.
98. I get squeamish on anything too sappy (movies, music, anything).
99. My favorite flower: gardenias.
100. I love to travel and explore different countries and cultures.

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