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Happy New Year!

As everyone is doing knitting resolutions - mine is to purely not drown from my growing number of WIPs. It's starting to get overwelming!! And these are mostly projects for other people! So knitting becomes stressful and not as enjoyable as it once was. And I miss knitting purely for the sake of learning and experiencing a challenge for myself. So in order to keep things simple (so as to not stress myself out anymore), only two things:

1) Managing my WIPs to a minimum (no more than 3)
2) Knitting projects more for MYSELF.

Among other things, I have felt the need to change up this blog. I'm really tired of this layout I'm in the midst of deciding what I want for a new template. I'm still unwilling to pay for blog services (yes, I've briefly thought about jumping ship like everyone else and joining Typepad but decided against it for various reasons). Which means I have to manually change up my layout, which is ok with me, if it's not alot of work. I'm just scared that all my blogger tags will disappear and I'll lose all my posts! And a new template means I have to manually re-insert all my links and sidebar stuff. Just thinking about it makes me a tad stressed. =P

And speaking of changing up this blog, I've done a little tinkering here and there. My FO thumbnails on the sidebar are now hosted by Flickr (rather than Photobucket) so they look alot more neater. I've also started a gallery of my FO's - which I'm still playing around with, but I'll probably keep because I need some sort of organizational system to display it all. It's not public yet, but I'm putting up a link here in case you want to take a peek at it (and give me feedback). =)

P.S. The photo above is our beloved Clancy the Bear (he's practically part of our family), who happens to wear a knitted sweater (that I did not make). But that's ok - he's adorable anyways. =)

Happy New Year! Blessings to you and your family. =)

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