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Ruffle Disaster

Sorry for all the depressing news. I HAVE to share with you another weekend disaster. I've been knitting up a secret project for another friend. Anybody own any of Nicky Epstein's books? If you do, you'll recognize this little project:

I casted on during Thanksgiving, and I recently finished one side of the bag. I doesn't usually take me that long to do a bag, but the yarn is really difficult on my hands and TERRIBLE to work with. (When I finish this bag, I'll do a more in-depth review of this yarn.) And speaking of finishing, after I had done one side of the bag, it dawned on me that I had knitted it BACKWARDS. All the ruffles are in reverse, with the wrong side showing!! ARGH!!!!!

The ruffles are really curly (as expected, I will have to block this baby when I'm finished). I've already cast on and started re-doing that first side again. Yes, I WILL finish this project. It will not turn out to be one of those WIPs that are really waiting to be frogged. I've purchased the purse frame for this and everything. I WILL do this!!!

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