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World's Ugliest Sock

This weekend has been a full one! But one of the highlights was getting together with Lynette, Cyndi, and Caitlyn at Frog Pond. I even bumped into Courtney there! It was great hanging out with the ladies and finally meeting Lynette. Of course, I was running late and completely forgot to bring the camera. That just means we have to get together again soon! =)

In anycase, at our meeting I was able to complete my very first sock, which just so happens to be THE world's ugliest sock. It's huge. Here's the ugly evidence:

Pattern: Magic Stripes Basic Socks, from Lion Brand
Yarn: Lion Brand Magic Stripes in Denim Stripe, 1 ball.
Needle: US #3 dpn's

The project was just to experience what all the sock fuss was. I know those of you who absolutely love knitting socks, that's wonderful. I just don't happen to be a sock type of gal, so there wasn't even that much motivation to knit them. I don't usually wear socks, unless my feet are absolutely freezing. So to all the sock-knitters out there, my sincere apologies. I'm just not into socks. Handbags, on the otherhand.... =)

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