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When the UPS man is in the neighborhood, I'm always excited! Remember that fab gift certificate I received from some very thoughtful friends? Here's what I got for it:

8 balls for this project:

A closer look:

I can't cast on just yet - I promised myself that at this point, I have to finish at least one project before I cast on for another. So I'm hurrying with my WIPs because I really want to start this sweater soon, and experience this yarn!!

And here's a little something I got from Becky:

It's Koigu Fancy, and the yarn colors are lovely. Thanks Becky!

P.S. To those who enjoyed the pink flowers template - sorry, I've taken it out. I'm still playing with my template, so what I've got now is only temporary, until I find something that I really like. I'm starting to play around with the Blogger tags (we'll see how that goes), so this might take awhile. =)

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