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Happy Friday!

A bit of randomness here. As my dad had always told me, the state of your room reflects the state of your mind (referring to how messy my room has always been). Being one of those procrastinating perfectionists, he's got a point there. I actually DO feel much better when things are put in their place and everything is tidy, but when they aren't, I know my head is all a puddle. Let me show you my "puddle":

Can you count how many WIPs are in there? It's a bit hard to see since alot of them are in their plastic bags (my method of containing the madness). Right now you see them on the floor of one of the guest rooms, which I've been using to put all my crafting stuff in. They were originally all over the family room, until the hubby complained that my knitting was EVERYWHERE (literally, on every table surface, couches, floor, whatever), so I decided to collect them all and put them here. And then close the door.

I also made a couple purchases. Here's a wine box I bought to contain my needles (ignore the yarn mess on the side):

A knitting bag from Martha! I love it!!

And of course, this is totally nonknitting related, but I had to share with you my latest toy, a Hello Kitty CD player:

Lastly, I was tagged by Hui Leng, so here goes:

5 Things In My Refridgerator:

1. nonfat milk (I can't live without it)
2. mashed potatoes and gravy (hubby brings back drug rep lunch leftovers all the time)
3. chow mein
4. tangerines
5. hot sauce (I can't live without this either)

Ok, hopefully by the time I make my next post, my head will be clearer and I'll have made some knitting progress on something. =P

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