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My First Jewelry Piece

Had a fun weekend - all of which were not Superbowl related (although I was sad to see the Seahawks lose so badly). I explored Sacramento with a few SnB friends (free museum day), met up with some friends later for several rounds of Scrabble, and then went down to the bay area to visit my inlaws (it was my FIL's 65th birthday). My hubby even accompanied me to a couple LYS during the Superbowl (bless his heart) - I checked out Commuknity and Rug & Hut. I wasn't able to get much knitting done because of all the Mandarin homework I had to do (to those who don't know, I'm taking a Mandarin class, and we have a quiz/test at every class sitting... grrr)

Anyhow, I know this is non-knitting related, but I have recently been trying out beading/jewelry. Here's the first thing I put together:

I also made some other similarly related fun things, but I can't show them to you just yet. In fact, there are a bunch of things I can't post on this blog just yet because I'm involved with several clandestine activities... and I realize how many people actually read/lurk this blog (of which many of you are my personal friends)! You know who you are! =)

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