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Happily Hooking Away

Yep, that's right, I'm hooked.

I've been practicing on some other motifs, these in particularly from one of Candi Jenson's books "Crochet Bags" with the cutest handbag. I had some help with some of the talented ladies in my church (did I mention I was starting a knitting group at my church?) It's made with granny squares, and in the squares, little sweet posies that "pop" out from the center!

I also stocked up on some crochet books. The "Teach Yourself Visually Crochet" is a great reference/teaching tool, beside the Candi Jensen books I've already got. And of course, Debbie Stoller's fun "Happy Hooker". I love her fun and light style of writing, and this book has got alot of cute patterns in there.

And, just because I'm a fan of Nancy Wiseman's book on finishing techniques on knitting, I got her recent book on finishing for crochet. Very helpful!

As for knitting, I'm getting there. Right now the housework has been so seriously neglected (did I mention how much I hate cleaning the house), so I'm only using knitting as a way to treat myself (e.g. Once I finish cleaning the kitchen, I get to knit 5 rows; vacuuming the family room, 5 more rows!). So far it's working. ;)

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