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Life is starting to get slightly crazy. I'm not one of those people who thrives on stress - and currently I'm juggling a few things. I'm coordinating a couple ministries at my church (one of them being a small group, another being a fun knitting/crocheting group). I'm also coordinating a couple weddings for a few friends. I'm also on the planning committee for our church's annual Women's Spring Tea - a really fun event for the ladies, but it takes up alot of my time. Not to mention my Mandarin class, which definately is work. I'm excited about everything I'm doing - but starting to feel stressed. April won't be a pretty month, I'll tell you that much. So I'll be doing my best to keep my head (and spirit) above water. And I definately won't abandon my knitting - right now it's therapy for me.

After a long busy day, isn't it nice to just sit in your comfy chair (or wherever you do your knitting), pick up your needles, and knit away? There is something so soothing and theraputic about it. And especially when it's with friends, I can just let loose and decompress.

And I'm glad I've made so many knitting friends too - alot of them through this blog! Caitlyn was the one who convinced me to post pictures of my stuff online (has it been a year already?), and also convinced me to check out our SnB group. So I have her to thank for getting me into my current knitting community.

And speaking of knitting community... the other day I got a package from Laura that really encouraged me (I was able to briefly take a pause in my day to enjoy her gifts!) - thanks so much Laura!! Your package really came at the right time when I needed a pick-me-up:

(2 fun cushion covers, 2 hair bands, a couple fun dangly earrings, 1 really cute little bear chain, and 1 Japanese craft magazine)

I also have gotten some fun gifts from my SnB secret pal (yes, we are doing secret pals - lots of fun). I'm pretty sure my secret pal has been on my page (how else would she know what I like? Her gifts have been dead on!). =)

(1 ball of Rowan cork, 2 balls of Debbie Bliss Cash Aran, 1 bottle of yummy B&B body cream in Night-Blooming Jasmine, and 1 book of crocheted scarves)

(Vogue's Stitchionary, and a B&B body spray in Night-Blooming Jasmine)

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