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Crochet with Debbie Stoller

First of all, I'd like to say that Blogger is being increasingly irritating. Uploading pictures is getting to be a pain, and I had to dig up my Picasa/Hello program to load them up instead (does anyone know how to load up multiple pictures at a time through this program - rather than uploading each one one by one?) Even publishing is frustrating.

In anycase, I wanted to share with you a couple pictures from the latest "Stitch 'n Ride" with Debbie Stoller! A couple of us from SnB came along for the ride.

Yours truly, with JJ (who is camera shy):

Sara & Marin:

Debbie brought alot of crocheted pattern examples from her "Happy Hooker" book.

Sara is proudly modelling "Cupcake" (pattern on p. 165):

Sara modelling "Short 'n Sweet" (pattern on p. 168)

Debbie also gave a short crochet lesson:

And signed some books!

Here is my crochet progress:

Close-up of a square:

I am realizing that once I'm getting the hang of crochet - it's actually alot easier than knitting, and it goes by much faster! Of course it eats up much more yarn and the textures are different, but I'm enjoying it alot so far.

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