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Sorry to say, this post won't talk about any of my current knitting (I've cast-on for 2 new projects in the past 5 days). Today's post is purely on gifts alone - starting with a new friend that came in my mailbox!

It's Karen's cat!! Thank you!! What a cutie, huh? And friendships are already being forged in my household (e.g. Blobby):

And this gift was quite a while back, but I was thrilled to receive little stitch markers from Toni. Aren't they pretty?

Lastly, I'm finally presenting pictures of some baby blanket collaborations I participated in. The blankets were put together by groups of friends in secret, and in the past couple weeks, have finally been received by their intended recipients (and their newborns). It was a whole lot of fun, and a special way for knitting friends to knit together something special for a new mother!

This is Regina's blanket - squares made by various local SnB members. (P.S. See the heart in the middle? That was one of my squares) =)

Another blanket collaboration was for Lynette. This project was especially unique as it involved a group of long-distance friends. We all took a color and did our squares, and it was seamed by Caitlyn, Cyndi, and eventually, Stephanie (photo courtesy of Stephanie, more details here).

If I had received a blanket such as these, I would have felt so honored and blessed by the work done by my friends. A blanket of blessings, indeed! (And such fun to help in the giving process as well!) But alas, no babies here (yet). In the meantime, I'll be here, cuddling with my new cat. =)

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