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Knitting Superstitions

I'd like to start off by saying I'm not a superstitious kinda gal. Never was. I have no problem walking under ladders, opening umbrellas indoors, and black cats mean nothing to me. I remember in high school I had a locker mirror (one of those magnet ones that you stick to the inside of the locker door) that I purposely broke in front of a gasping friend, just to show her that it meant nothing to me. NOTHING.

Generally speaking, I'm a God-fearing girl who doesn't take heed to all that mumbo jumbo. My feet are firmly set on the floor. Which begs the question, this past month, why am I all of a sudden scared of publicly sharing/posting any of my recent knitting projects and activities? Why the silence and hidden projects? (This also applies to my sewing projects, which we'll save for another post for another day.)

Turns out, I'm very wary of fully publicizing my WIPs in fear that I'll never finish them in a timely manner. Notice the list of WIPs progress bars on the right side of this blog? Three of those projects are currently stalled or put "on hold". for some reason, whenever I list a project up there, it takes nearly the whole earth and sky to move together for me to finish something. Why is that?!??

So in the meantime, just for your hungry eyes to feast on, here's a glimpse of some of my "active" projects currently on my needles:

Mystery Project #1 Mystery Project #2
Mystery Project #3 Mystery Project #4

Can you identify any of them? =)
(Some of you who knit with me locally can probably guess some of them)

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