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Sew Frustrating

First of all I have to say that although I've been a bit absent from my blogs, it doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything craft-related. On the contrary, I've actually been very busy - aside from the projects on my sidebar, I have casted on and am in the midst of four new projects. Yes, I know, I'm a project-whore. Even my dear hubby has mentioned every so casually for me to be careful, as I may get overwelmed with all my projects. Too late. =P

Ok, back to the intention/purpose of this post. For those who do not know, I have jumped on the sewing bandwagon (no groaning please). I've actually wanted to learn to sew every since I got married, 4 years ago, but was scared to death of the sewing machine. Even my mother-in-law attempted a lesson or two on her old machine, but nothing helped. As a result of my procrastination/conflict-avoidant/cowardly personality, I decided to put the whole sewing-thing on hold and opted to start on knitting instead (this was 2004).

My younger brother is a sewer. In fact, when he found out I was secretly shopping around for a machine, he gave me tips on what to look for, and was hugely excited about the whole prospect of me sewing. He even said (I'm loosely paraphrasing here) that once I get into sewing, I'll completely abandon my knitting because sewing is just so much more exciting and faster. I was offended and appalled by that statement. It made me even more wary of the whole thing (how can I EVER let go of my first love - knitting?? Never!!!)

So this year, I finally got the nerve to sign up for a sewing class. It started off okay... manageable. In fact, in class, for my first sewing project, I decided I would do two projects instead. I don't know if this is just me, being a beginner or not, but whoever said that sewing was relaxing was insane. I don't think its relaxing at all. It's hugely stressful for me, getting it right, getting it straight, making it look good, what's wrong with this damn machine, why are the stitches looking so strange, etc. etc.

Excuse the poor quality of pictures, as I snapped these photos in frustration/anger:

Difficulty turning these loops...

.. with this wretched tool (a complete waste of money):

My ugly fugly crooked stitches:

So I come home from the class, wound up too tightly, looking like I'm ready to strangle something/someone. Dear hubby notices, and we have this exchange:

Hubby: How was class? Are you ok?

Me: Whoever said that sewing was relaxing was on crack. I'm so mad!! I don't think I ever get this upset when I make mistakes with my knitting - I just end up sad or depressed, but never angry. But this sewing really got me mad!! If I was strong enough, I would pick up my sewing machine and throw it against the wall!! But it's too friggin heavy!! $#@$#!$#@#$!!

Hubby: Really. [Studies me a little closely] Do you think this has anything to do with what time of month this is?

Me: [long pause] ...

He's got me speechless there. I HATE it when he's right. Time to stay away from the machine until I cool off. Sewing will become enjoyable when this week is over. ARGH!!$#@$#!@

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