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This is my third WIP (the max limit I've set for myself)... I'm pretty excited about it. This is my very first full sweater project, and it's for ME. I've done a bunch of baby sweaters/clothes, but now it's time for a special something for me! I'm using the lovely Karabella Aurora 8, for this project.

On the advice of Caitlyn, I've taken the pattern chart and handwrote notes for myself to make things easier.

One of the pattern charts provided:

My own chart notes:

The lovely yarn:

The yarn is really soft and elastic, and really nice on my fingers. Because the yarn is so smooth, the stitch definition is wonderful! I'm just worried about the elasticity - when wet, I've heard that it can stretch and grow in size! Some have said that it dries back to it's original shape, others have said it dries slightly larger than original shape. I'm knitting this sweater up in a slightly tighter gauge, hopefully to make up for this...

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