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Another WIP

I'm back! Missed me? =P I know I haven't posted in awhile... I've been doing my best to keep track of everyone else's knitting progress, and am hugely jealous of everyone else's FO's when I've only got my fugly sock to show for 2006 so far. And even though I don't have an FO yet, I have added another WIP to my list (I know, I know, no more WIPs until I finish something!)

If you haven't heard, this purse is currently a stalled-status project. Haven't figured out what to do with it, but right now, don't want to think about it.

As for my new WIP, I'm sure you're dying to know what I'm making (har har). I've actually had the yarn for this project for nearly a year, and was just waiting to cast-on for it.

Yep, it's SnB's "Peppermint Twist" sweater. Even though it's been a little busy lately, I was still able to get some knitting done...

I've got the front done:

Close-up of the stripes:

Those blasted ends - there must have been hundreds of ends to weave in:

One of the completed sleeves:

It's a raglan sweater. I've done the front, and both sleeves, and I just started the back. Once all the pieces are done, I'll seam them together and do the neckline. The pattern calls for size 2 needles, but I couldn't make gauge with size 2. So I'm using size 3 instead.

This week is spring break (yay) so I finally have time to do my very neglected housework!! And all that laundry!! Blechhh

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