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Another knitting meme

Tagged by Caitlyn. Here goes!

What's Your All Time Favorite Yarn To Knit With?
I just discovered Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran (this afternoon I just cast on for a scarf and was very impressed). SOOO nice.

Your Favorite Needles?
Surprisingly, I love my Susan Bate straights (the aluminum ones). But for circs, I love my Addis. I'm using Clovers for my dpns (I would attempt Lantern Moons for dpn's, but it was a bit more expensive. Is it worth it?).

The Worst Thing You've Ever Knit?
Ok, so it's the one WIP that I'm scared to finish up. I was working on it this past spring, and in late May, I messed up on the lozenge pattern decreasing (it was a really dumb mistake that I didn't catch until 40 rows later - ACK). I can't even take a picture of it because I'm so ashamed of it. My hubby keeps reminding me of it, wanting me to finish it. I will one day - the needles are still in there. Just thinking about it gets me frustrated and upset. =/

Your Most Favorite Knit Pattern? (Maybe you don't like wearing it, but it was fun to knit)
So far it was Kate Gilbert's Samantha. Even though I had to re-write a section of it, it was fun to knit up. Being in Maui while I was knitting it up probably contributed alot my enjoyment in the process, and the end result made it even more sweeter. So far it's my favorite baby thing I've made.

Most Valuable Knitting Technique?
Hmmm, lots of things are valuable, but I suppose some of my favorites are the mattress stitch and kitchener stitch. They just look so cool and I'm always amazed at how it looks when I'm done. Cables are nice too!

Best Knit Book or Magazine?
So far my favorites are the ones I use as reference books: Vogue Knitting and Maran Illustrated Knitting & Crocheting. When I find a great stitch reference/dictionary book, that will be included in this list as well (anybody know of any good ones?).

Favorite Knit-A-Long?
I haven't been in that many, so I can't say.

Your Favorite Knitblogs?
I mostly follow blogs with authors I personally have a friendship with. For me, it's hard to follow a blog that I've never had any one-on-one interaction with. If you're my friend, I'm regularly checking your blog! =)

Your Favorite Knitwear Designer?
No offense to Debbie Bliss (although I love her yarns), I'm not a fan. About 80% of the all patterns I've done (including DB), I've had to alter or change because of some mistake in the pattern. This has actually caused me to read patterns with a cautious eye nowadays (I hate improvising, but this is actually teaching me to, so I guess that's good). But so far I trust Julia, and anybody published from Knitty.

The Knit Item You Wear Most Often?
That would have to be one of my favorite purses. It's super cute and I get alot of compliments from it too! =)

P.S. I'm not going to tag anyone specific, but you are welcome to do this meme if you want! Just let me know if you're doing it, so I can read it too! =)

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